Although the exam week dates are given, the individual exam schedules are not, so when you pre-book your return flight take this into account. because they are not in the Netherlands. The examination schedule is published via Student Portal about two weeks before the beginning of each course period. The IRO at SBE will provide the Nuffic organization with a list of the names of the students who are eligible for the exemption. Maastricht Aachen Airport can be reached by public transport in about 30 minutes from the train station. All Chinese students who wish to enrol in an English-taught programme at a Dutch higher education institution (= SBE) are required to apply for a Nuffic Certificate. Finding a room is your own responsibility. In particular, the Maastricht Science Programme, part of the University Library and part of the School of Business and Economics will be housed there. It includes Tuition fee, Visa Cost, Health care and liability insurance, One-off contribution to the travel cost, One-off allowance. By train The OV-chipkaart (smart card) is the main / only payment method for public transport (train, bus, metro, tram) in the Netherlands. To access the requested page you must be logged on to your Maastricht University account. On the Intranet, you can find a timeline pertaining to the specific semesters. Taste new flavours. Payment method for public transport Please consult the academic calendar for the concerning dates. LinkedIn We do not use ECTS grades. For a number of (outdoor) locations UM Sports uses sports accommodations in and around Maastricht and collaborates with local sport clubs. For more information on the selection procedure, tips on what to look for when picking out your six preferred partners, what to do if you do not get selected, and more, check here. From the west (Brussels, Hasselt) > E40 > E25 / A2 or E314 / A2 Usually the host university will send you all detailed information well before your departure. If you are Chinese and study at a mainland Chinese university, you will have to take the English language proficiency test. The BEELab was established in 2008 by the School of Business and Economics (SBE). Important note: get educated by our Problem Based Learning system, most likely a completely different education system than at your home university. via Google, Google Maps. If you want to take master’s level courses while at SBE, you have to have a valid and relevant bachelor’s degree when you start your exchange here. Avoid getting scammed 18K likes. Below you will find an overview of SBE's master influencers. Then UM and the Municipality of Maastricht have several parking options for you. ≤ 5.0               Insufficient Try Dutch. Read about their experiences with the Problem Based Learning system, riding bicycles, carnaval, Dutch culture, eating cheap as an exchange student, discovering the Netherlands and Sinterklaas on these blogs. One ECTS equals 28 hours of study. Please stick to their instructions in order not to delay any processes. All courses are assessed with a whole or half grade on a scale from 0.0 to 10.0 or a no grade. And most of all: have fun! UM's Student Service Centre (SSC) organises a free pick-up service from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. For more information please visit the website of Maastricht Bereikbaar. Course examination schedule 5. Please consult the academic calendar for the concerning dates. EBC2...: 2nd and 3rd year bachelor’s course Applications are processed on a first-come-first served basis, and we have no influence on that process. PBL tries to overcome the weaknesses of traditional education by giving the students a very active role. Required documents Each location opens a pop-up window with a … Please check intranet for the details of the selection and allocation. 1036 Article; 466 Working paper; 176 Report; 127 Chapter; 215 More. 7.0 – 7.4                     = C                              = Good Facebook Course changes Exchange students can only register for a maximum of 2 courses per period (13 ECTS) with a minimum of 1 course per period (5 / 6,5 ECTS), and only 1 skills training per period (4 ECTS). +31 43 388 2222, Follow us on Social Media If you want to take a resit you have to be present in Maastricht to take part. ", Name: Marc de Baat Doelman Non-EU students that have made a deposit for their visa/residence permit procedure need a Dutch bank account to get the deposit back. Exemption language test You can also buy a second hand bicycle; prices vary greatly. Should this be the case, we would appreciate your critical remarks at It has been designed to work on all devices, so that you can access the information you need, whenever you need it, be it on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. The International Relations Office (IRO) has an open office, every working day from 10.00 to 11.30 hrs at the Information Desk in the entrance hall of SBE. deadlines registration education + evening availablity, publication of education and exam timetables, The nomination deadline for the fall semester is, The application deadline for the fall semester is, The nomination deadline for the spring semester is, The application deadline for the spring semester is. Course (de)registration period and deadlines English language requirement The grading scale applied by SBE, is to be interpreted as: 10.0                Exceptional If you take a language course during your exchange at SBE this will not be mentioned on your transcript, as these courses are not part of SBE’s curriculum but are taught at UM’s Language Centre, who will provide you with a separate Proof of Participation after you have completed the course. If the UM Guesthouse is fully booked, or if you prefer to stay elsewhere, you can click on the option private market or housing corporations. You can also work on your health and relation in the gym. Eligibility About the School of Business and Economics We can only accept you if you major in Economics or Business (or related). To do so, students will have to spend a lot of time between tutorial meetings to read articles and books, and to do research in the university library. Tongersestraat53, TS53. For details, check the information from the embassy of the host country. ISN Maastricht Arrival Week Problem-Based Learning Learn about cultures from all over the world, all while you’re in small, picturesque Maastricht. If you fail the course you will always get the opportunity to take a second exam, a so-called resit. You fail to meet the deadline for submitting the required documents for application to your host university (please refer to the info under, If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands issues a so-called negative travel advice for a particular country, the UM will not allow you to travel there. Apart from rankings on programme level, our School of Business and Economics (SBE) faculty and Maastricht University in general also internationally competes with the very best institutes worldwide. By law, everyone in the Netherlands, even if you are here for only one or two semesters, must have healthcare insurance for medical expenses. The Online Library is the one-stop- shop for Maastricht University library services, products, and academic information sources. The scholarship will be applicable to 3 … SCOPE, SBE's study association And are you considering to study at Maastricht University? If you would like to follow these courses in September or February, you have to register for them before you arrive. The details for each benefit will be mentioned below. If the Visa Office has not contacted you 3 months before the start of your exchange semester at SBE please contact IRO (please mention your name, student ID number, nationality  and home university). The International Relations Office (IRO) of the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) is responsible for all incoming and outgoing bachelor's and master's exchange students. When will I get my transcript? SBE is Triple Crown Accredited, teaches Problem Based … ISN Maastricht is a non-profit international student organization whose mission is to represent international students, under the motto of “Students helping Students.” It is part of a much bigger organization called ESN (Erasmus Student Network), which is a network recognized all over Europe, with hundreds of sections in different countries. Company: BMW group Finally, at one hour north of Maastricht by train, you will find Eindhoven Airport, where you can fly to 75 destinations in Europe, plus Morocco. International Student Network (ISN) Learning Dutch will make your life as a student in Maastricht a lot easier. Some grocery stores also have loading docks. Note that if you take special medication, you should contact the embassy about the requirements to legally take this medication with you (you may need an official letter from your doctor). The project ‘Meer pootjes aan het bed’ is a collaborative effort between Maastricht University (lead prof.dr. How can we help you? To top your OV-chipkaart use the special loading docks, one of which is available in the SBE building, and which you will also find at train or metro stations. See where students are taught, study and relax and get a taste of the city of Maastricht. To access the intranet first login to Student Portal. As exchange student you are subject to the same Rules of Procedure for Examinations as the other students. Each bank has its own requirements and features. We cannot give a conclusive answer to all these questions, but we can try to help you as best as we can. All official examination results are published via Student Portal within 15 working days after the examination date. Important note: If the GP thinks you need more specialised expertise, you will receive a referral for a specialist in the hospital. All exchange students who plan to stay in the Netherlands for a whole semester (= more than 4 months) have to register as resident of the municipality in which they will be living. Keep in mind that there may also be other costs associated with your exchange programme, other than of course travel costs, insurance and living expenses. From the north (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven) > E25 / A2 7,072 Followers, 136 Following, 841 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Maastricht University - SBE (@maastricht_sbe) for examinations that allow the use of a calculator, in general only the following types are permitted: Does the offer sound too good to be true? Skills trainings are not compulsory for exchange students. Check out these pages: Exchange at Maastricht University Also, you can only do an exchange once.  Sign up for the next Master’s Open Day. Therefore, Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE), from 2015 onward, has embarked on a co-creative strategy development journey. An electronic version of your grade transcript will be sent directly to both you and your home university. In these uncertain times, we would like to offer you several resources which can give you a feel of what it is like to study at Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics, and provide you with some answer to questions you might have. Do note that most private landlords offer only contracts for a year. Make sure you are sufficiently insured for liability and household contents. So one regular course at SBE equals 182 hours of study, of which 42 hours need to be considered as contact hours. Second introduction day As exchange student, you must officially be nominated by your home university. Once the course (de)registration deadline has passed, the system closes automatically and you can no longer register or deregister for courses. In the study abroad rules and regulations, you will find the requirements for going abroad. The PBL method is explicitly student-centred rather than teacher-centred, and the students are expected to take the initiative. Sustainable space for education and research, MSc. Speaking up and actively taking part in discussions is a crucial part of the system and this will also influence your final grades. Students do not spend hours listening to lectures – although there are some, usually at the start of the study period - but instead, per course, attend two-hour tutorial group meetings twice a week. The Erasmus+ learning agreement and statement of stay are provided by your home university. The IRO will only send emails to this address after the start of the semester. The Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) provides high-quality education to students and conducts excellent research, offering an international perspective in the fields of economics and international business administration. You are responsible for making sure you have the requisite knowledge to follow courses that state certain pre-requisites. Check your Maastricht University email via Student Portal. 6211 LM Maastricht. ISN organizes an abundance of events. The Arrival Week is, a fun, week-long experience of what it is like to be a part of ISN Maastricht. Please check the information under Partner Universities to find out whether your host university offers accommodation and/or offers assistance in finding housing. Since the working language at our School is English and all courses are taught in English, all exchange students are required to have an advanced level of the English language - comparable to the level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference - to be able to successfully complete their courses. Please read the 'recognition and registration of credits' section carefully in order to have your credits smootly transferred. if you cycle in a pedestrian area (or on the pavement…), which includes most of the shopping streets in the city centre, if you ride against traffic in a one-way street, if the lights on your bicycle do not work (or you do not use them at dusk/night). The coordinator will announce the date you can inspect your assessed work in the 'Course Details'  on the Student Portal and/or the front page of the examination. For more information about safety, education, and student life please check: Study at SBE during COVID-19. The INKOM is the general introduction week for all new students of Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool. Maastricht University (abbreviated as UM; Dutch: Universiteit Maastricht) is a public university in Maastricht, Netherlands. If you have the Chinese nationality but study at one of our partner institutions in Hong Kong (SAR), Macau (SAR), Taiwan (ROC) or any English-speaking country (e.g. Facebook SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area; a single common payment system within the EU plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Monaco and San Marino. However, if you do not possess a European nationality, you need a residence permit if you stay longer than three months within a European Union country. The registration form shows the actual available groups. The PBL method is explicitly student-centred rather than teacher-centred, and the students are expected to take the initiative. Please be aware that all deadlines at SBE are extremely strict. Health insurance: If you have a Dutch insurance in the Netherlands, you have a private health insurance. Speaking up and actively taking part in discussions is a crucial part of the system and this will also influence your final grades. If you need to receive your transcript of records urgently, please inform the IRO once you have received all your grades. Contact information Here are some tips on avoiding scams in the Dutch rental market: Please take the following dates into account when booking housing: Only the pass or fail result will be shown on the grade transcript. The information on the SCOPE Maastricht website has been formulated with the utmost care. Maastricht is easily accessible by plane, public transport and car. I think the … However, a selection of first year courses at SBE is also open to exchange students. You will meet all cultural, sports, study, and student associations of Maastricht. The Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) provides high-quality education to students and conducts excellent research, offering an international perspective in the fields of economics and international business administration. The Netherlands, UM visiting address In the Netherlands cycling is an integral part of people's life. When you apply for the Nuffic Certificate you must provide a motivation that you request an exemption for the English language test (because you are currently studying at a university located in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau or in an English speaking country). The UM Guesthouse offers furnished single and double rooms and studios at 13 locations in Maastricht. Externe publicaties SBE. 7.0-7.5            Good These requirements are mentioned in the course manual. Keep reading. For more information about medical care in Maastricht check the website of the GP Medical Post Maastricht & Heuvelland foundation or MyMaastricht. Or you break a wrist in the week before exams…. The programme of the first introduction day starts with a registration session, followed by a plenary session, lunch, and social programme. Furthermore, they organise trips and social activities. Important note for all fall students: Do note that for Multiple Choice examinations you can request a copy of your answer sheet via SurfYourSelf, you can then assess the work with the published answer key yourself. This could also happen with the exam schedule. We kindly ask for your patience. SBE’s approach revolves around small-scale teaching methods … We strongly urge you to apply for the Nuffic Certificate at least 4 months before you intend to come to the Netherlands. By combining existing knowledge at SBE in novel ways via these spearheads, we aim to co-create new knowledge in collaboration with non-academic stakeholders. List of SBE partner universities Once you have completed the online exchange application the IRO will check this and, if applicable, will forward your details to Maastricht University’s Visa Office, who will get back to you via email. Faculty of Science and Engeneering Paul-Henri Spaaklaan … EBS2...: Skills training bachelor’s level Download one of the lists below to find out about our partners worldwide. We, therefore, need to do a lot of planning to find enough rooms and teachers/tutors, and to make sure there are about the same number of students in each tutorial group. Maastricht University was the only university where our students did not know if our courses were admitted until after our exchange was completely over. We still intend to organize the workshop at a later date! The IRO will inform you once your transcript arrived. 6211 LK Maastricht If you want to select a second or third year course and combine it with a first year course in the same course period, you do have to keep in mind that some of your tutorials might take place at the same day and the same time. By car If you do not meet these requirements, you will not be allowed to register for the course. Maastricht University uses the Problem Based Learning Method, where the average group size is 15 students. Printer friendly : EBC2048 Organisational Behaviour (Students): Period: 400 - 2019/2020 "The Controlling MSc at SBE provided me the skills to think and interpret information critically. Would you like to study a semester abroad at the most international university in the Netherlands? Renting a bicycle SBE does not require any proof of an English language test score, but do make sure your English is up to par when you start your exchange. Founded in 1976, it is the second youngest of the thirteen Dutch universities. Make sure you take these (certified) translations with you when you travel. SBE: School of Business and Economics. Suggested ECTS conversion table: Dutch Grade             ECTS Grade              Explanation, 8.5 – 10.0                   = A                              = Excellent Travel information for public transport The Arrival Week takes place twice a year, one week before the semester starts. Every year One grant is available to the students. This will be mentioned in the online exchange course database as well as in the course manual. The city is surrounded by Belgium and Germany and close to France. For exam (de)registration periods and deadlines please consult the Student Portal. Instagram However, you will receive a separate Proof of Participation from the Language Centre itself. If your visa is not ready in time for the introduction days and the start of the semester do not travel to the Netherlands, and never apply for a short-stay or tourist visa. Only make an appointment with the Huisartsenpost if there is a real medical emergency. Each semester starts with a two-day compulsory introduction for incoming exchange students, which takes place in the main building of SBE (Tongersestraat 53, Maastricht). Language courses are offered by the Maastricht University Language Centre. Please refer to the relevant entry under Partner Universities, as well as your host university’s website, for more information. Be sure to buy a good solid lock and fix your bicycle to an immovable object, in order to discourage bicycle thieves. As an active member, you go one step further and help organising events and trips. Liability insurance and household contents insurance You will always need a Nuffic Certificate as validity of your diplomas and degrees  in order to be eligible for a visa for The Netherlands. In 2019, 19,000 students studied at Maastricht University, 54% of whom were foreign students, with over 4,000 employees. The  Language Centre at Maastricht University offers several Dutch classes, and for exchange students these are the most suitable: These courses start in September, November, February and April. Warning: For example, some partners require that you purchase the university’s health insurance plan. More information can be found via MyMaastricht or Study in Holland. Therefore, it is extremely important that you have an excellent knowledge of both written and spoken English. These uncertainties logically raise many questions: How about safety in Maastricht? Every single day again. SCOPE's aim is to enrich the lives of students by organizing 50+ academic, career and social activities per academic year. That way you will know what to expect and will be able to avoid unnecessary bills or disagreements when you leave. Every course has its own requirements students need to meet in order to pass the course. The IRO determines who goes to what partner university based on a ranking of all students who sign up to take part in the selection; this ranking is based on the students’ average grade and number of ECTS credits obtained at the time of selection. EBC1...: 1st year’s bachelor’s course 6200 MD Maastricht Maastricht has excellent public transport connections. Further details to follow. SBE is a highly ranked school in Economics and International Business Administration and offers study programs in … The INKOM only takes place once a year, two weeks before the fall semester starts. For a fixed monthly fee you get a Swapfiets (bicycle). Their goal is to develop new research strongholds and … Instagram If this is the case you need to send the IRO the transcript yourself. For help during your exam, call: +31 43 388 2900. Online registration and application SCOPE has two sorts of members: active (approx. For example, you get so homesick that all you want to do is crawl back home.