The group show presents four young female Asian artists that explore concepts of identity through their artistic work. The gallery emphasizes the long-termed, concentrated development of young talents, a concept which limits the number of represented artists accordingly. The Design Museum Exhibition Programme: Design is a continually evolving subject. He participated in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. Museumsportal Berlin gives an overview of Berlin’s museums and provides information on exhibitions and events. In Buthe’s work, conventions are consistently broken, the spontaneous attitude to life flows directly into the works. Art fair at the «Postbahnhof Berlin» The third edition of the art fair «Positions Berlin» took place at the «Postbahnhof Berlin» and had the highest number of exhibitors during Berlin Art Week 2016. When studying for her MFA she could not attend painting classes because the teacher only accepted male students. © 2014 Build by TheAgency.Berlin Copyright by AK. Hence painting became an act of rebellion against cultural output that was dominated by men – it was a sign of revolt. Berlin, Germany Both established artists and new positions/new discoveries (Young Art) are among the group of about 30 artists who are represented by the gallery. The Galerie Springer Berlin is located at Fasanenstraße 13 in Charlottenburg. | #2927ARTatBerlin | KLEINERVONWIESE shows from 27th November 2020 at enter art airshop opas Nr 1 the group show Paradise with works by and around Michael Buthe. | #2931ARTatBerlin | Luisa Catucci Gallery presents from 5th December 2020 the exhibition “And guess what? Most people, however, are suspicious of it because it threatens their own habits, a self-created set of rules. In addition to the main building, the Akademie der Künste at Hanseatenweg is also an important location for exhibitions, events and meetings. Points, lines and surfaces form a kind of structure. Sonja Halbfass, Leben einer Frau, 1998, Acryl, 42 x 60 cm Sonja Halbfass, Kraftwerk, 1998, Acryl, 50 x 70 cm The paintings convey a spherical atmosphere with compositions that seem to float in the universe. | #2933ARTatBerlin | GALERIE SCHMALFUSS BERLIN shows from 5th December 2020 the group show H2O with 15 individual positions on the topic water and its different appearances. But water can […], until 16.01. ☎+49(0)30577026112 Plus details on how exhibitors are showcasing design. | #2908ARTatBerlin | Galerie Michael Haas presents from 7th November 2020 the solo show Leave No Stone Unturned by the artist Gary Kuehn with works from the 60s until today. Besides four to six exhibitions in Berlin and the participation in leading national and international art fairs, our activities are completed by support service for private and public collections. | #2932ARTatBerlin | Esther Schipper shows from 6th December 2020 the exhibition false ruins and lost innocence with works by the artist Isa Melsheimer. The International Architectural Exhibition Interbau 1957. Besides four to six exhibitions in Berlin and the participation in leading national and international art fairs, our activities are completed by support service for private and public collections. We plan, design and implement exhibition projects all over the world, as well as designing and creating exhibits and event tools. | #2929ARTatBerlin | Esther Schipper presents from 27th November 2020 the Online Exhibition Virtual Leonardo’s Submarine with new works by the artist Hito Steyerl on the website of the gallery. November 2020 an exhibiton by the artist Cindy Sherman. Two thirds of the earth’s surface are covered by water. The repetition and the graphic structure of his works seem reminiscent of minimal and conceptual aesthetics. The exhibition is divided into three groups of works. Photos from his image archive, many decades old and exuding a vague awkwardness, became sources for these works. Since then we have already organized 8 exhibitions. Vivien Cahusac de Caux, born in 1955 in Kampala, Uganda, has painted for most of her life. | #2901ARTatBerlin | Esther Schipper shows from 1st November 2020 the exhibition Still Frame with new paintings by the artist Andrew Grassie. Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm Special Opening hours November 2020 Sunday, 22. Through two essays, an extended interview and numerous illustrations, this book offers the opportunity to revisit some of his main works and exhibitions over the last 10 years. “Lustful and colorful, obsessed with detail, mysterious and following an order that is unique to the artist, not always easy to decipher, romantic, poetic or drastically expressive, full of wit and depth or serious and thought-provoking, but artistically and technically always on the same highest level and with a variety of different formats, we present masterpieces of printmaking. Artists of the gallery Heike Brachlow, Jin-Sook Chun, Pavel Feinstein, Dafna Kaffeman, Marta Klonowska, Anne Knödler, Luca Lanzi, Andrea Lehnert, Silvia Levenson, Elisabeth Oertel, Wilken Skurk, Kazue Taguchi, Paul Vergier, Julius Weiland, Mindy Weisel, Richard Whiteley, Tobias Wyrzykowski     lorch + seidel – Summer in the City 2016 – Photos Eric Tschernow lorch seidel – He Fashioned It 2017 – Photos Eric Tschernow lorch + seidel – Departures and Arrivals 2016 – Photo Eric Tschernow lorch + seidel – Why Glass 2016 – Photo Eric Tschernow lorch + seidel – The Gallerys Choice […], Kosntanzer Straße 9, 10707 Berlin-Wilmersdorf, The GALERIE KREMERS, founded by Marie Christine Kremers, is located on the site of the former Schultheiss brewery on the Kreuzberg. The exhibition also gathers a constellation of ceramics in an attempt to survey the artist’s most recent sculptural works. The title and what if I don’t is similar to an open narrative and deals with Foert’s mysterious and hidden messages. Opening hours: Tue-Sat noon to 6:00 pm Artists of the gallery: Georg Baselitz, Lucie Beppler, Karl Bohrmann, Mona Breede, Christiane Conrad, Enrico Della Torre, Rudolf Englert, Georg Frietzsche, Marcel Gähler, Sharka Hyland, Joan Hernandez Pijuan, Robert Jacobsen, Li Jin, Klaus Kinold, Per Kirkeby, Barbara Klemm, Imi Knoebel, Katja Liebmann, Arnulf Rainer, Jürgen Partenheimer, Gottfried Salzmann, Horst Schäfer, Nora Schattauer, Sean Scully, Margherita Spiluttini, Ernesto Tatafiore, Hana Usui, Hannsjörg Voth, Imke Woelk, Hideaki Yamanobe. The walls are a bit crooked and the wide wooden floor boards […], Post, like many others, your impressions from the Berlin art scene under #artatberlin, re|space gallery opened its premises in Berlin-Charlottenburg in May 2020 overcoming the obstacles imposed by the aftermath of the lockdown. These extraordinary paintings reach us like messages from another world. But while it retains its original meaning, it lacks the context to realize its function. Kuehn is not interested in illustrating purely structured and methodical work in his art. The museum is located on Käuzchensteig in Berlin-Dahlem. A spinning globe surrounded by different rail types and whee… Marcus und Ronny, stellt Euch vor, wir würden uns zu diesem Interview persönlich treffen. Titled ‘The women I know’, the show focuses on a new body of works consisting of four moving portraits of female friends in Amer’s signature embroidered painting style, along with a dramatic self-portrait in black and white. The program is focused on non-reproducible art (one-of-a-kind pieces) in the genres painting/drawing and sculpture/object. All rights reserved. It is still active and cooperates with other art locations or exhibition opportunities. Article by Amy Lane. January 2021 the solo show All Saints with photographs by the Georgian artist David Meskhi. Julius“ refer to the namesake of Leberstrasse in Berlin-Schöneberg: On this street, Dr. Julius Leber, a representative in the Reichstag and fierce opponent of the Nazi regime, ran a coal business, starting in 1937, after he was released from the […], Galerie Fahnemann opens in the end of 1982. Berlin. Auch aus der persönlichen Begegnung heraus. Galerie aKonzept Galerie aKonzept – Exhibition View Artists: FERNANDEZ ARMAN, CÉSAR BALDACCINI, HSIAO CHIN 蕭勤, HENRI CHOPIN, […], Niebuhrstraße 5, 10629 Berlin-Charlottenburg, The exhibition program of the Gallery mutare focuses on contemporary art. Forms and planes hover before our eyes, before the surface of the canvas, occupying a space entirely their own. You can visit numerous impressive artistic masterpieces from all eras in Berlin’s museums. In addition, it has continually expanded its own collection of photography in recent years. Several artists of the gallery are using glass as their favourite artistic medium. Hein Spellmann, Zwischen Wand und Mauer, 2009, © Rasche Ripken, Hein Spellmann / […], Galerie Eigenheim (which literally translates to “your own home”) was founded as a space for contemporary art and communication in 2006 in Weimar. Water is life, is movement. The eye-catching design depicted the company’s principal activities and attracted a great deal of attention. For his own narrative “Circesque” Christian Tagliavini created fictional characters in several years of work, who are protagonists of his interpretation of a fantastic sideshow. ART at Berlin: Art Gallery in Berlin Anaid Art Gallery, Galerie aKonzept is an art gallery on Niebuhrstraße in Berlin-Charlottenburg (before Schröderstraße in Berlin Mitte, see photos) run by owner Hermann Braun and art director Raphaël Lévy. As part of American entertainment culture, special characters – often called “human freaks” – showed their special skills and unique personality in sideshows. Exhibition Booth Design More information Space design for the exhibition “Between two Stools” in Schöneweide, Berlin, deals with the fate of about 650,000 Italian prisoners of war. | #2942ARTatBerlin | 68 projects presents from 16th January 2021 the solo show Urlaub in Deutschland (> Holidays in Germany) with paintings by the Greek artist Paris Giachoustidis.‍ The pictures of digital mass media form the basis of Paris Giachoustidis’ paintings. Uwe Bremer, Zwitter, 1970, Farbradierung e.a., 44,4 x 49 cm There are only a handpicked number of artists who handle printmaking techniques in this mastery and only a few viewers know how much work and skill there is behind these graphic sheets. The artist’s avatar, outfitted in full PEOPLE gear, swims alongside. Dear audience of drj art projects, once again in this pandemic year 2020, an exhibition cannot be opened as planned – although a postponement has already been made. That is why the range of services offered by the gallery includes not only the originals, but also special editions and multiples. January 2021 the solo show All Saints with photographs by the Georgian artist Dav, until (to be announced) | #2940ARTatBerlin | ifa-Galerie currently shows the Online Exhibition ARE YOU FOR REAL, a web-based project for interactive a. Starting with published or downloaded versions of his sources, he manipulates the imagery digitally before beginning to paint on panel, further transforming them into works of an unparalleled uncanniness, where colours and forms undergo further re-assessment. Once the practical and daily roles we assume are laid aside, the unmistakable common ground is left to be here and now. For a specific search for galleries/art spaces please use SEARCH KEYWORD in the black search box further up. We discover the unique circumstances of our […], until 23.01. Depending on the thematic orientation of the found material, he discovers new, adequate forms of painterly appropriation and alienation. In the series Dreamscapes Scenarios, to which the four works in the exhibition belong, fantastic scenes depict life and natural forces. The Galerie Verein Berliner Künstler is located at Schöneberger Ufer 57 Berlin-Tiergarten, close to the Neue Nationalgalerie. Gary Kuehn is one of the most famous artists in the USA, but he has also been exhibited continuously in Germany since the late 1960s. Within this newest body of works, Meskhi aims to capture the idealised moment of human gesture and sublime beauty. There are many different types of exhibition design companies in Berlin, and most of them specialize in different types of stands. This exhibition is curated by the film producer and art collector PC NEUMANN. Applied mathematics and mathematical physics approach exactly this fact – and have not yet reached an all-encompassing formula for understanding. The central work of the US-American artist reflects the complexity of youthful femininity, the fear, intensity and narcissism associated with it by means of personal and pop cultural references. Christian Tagliavini, Colpo di rullante, 2019, CW113172 Christian Tagliavini was inspired for the series “Circesque” by the famous Circus Sideshows in the USA in the 1920s. One can see in this joint creation both chaos and form as they move in […], until 23.12.| #2916ARTatBerlin | Galerie Thomas Schulte shows from 14th November 2020 an exhibition with recent paintings by the artist Albrecht Schnider. | #2924ARTatBerlin | EFREMIDIS GALLERY presents from 28th November 2020 the exhibition ! BERLIN | EXHIBITION On June 24th, 2017 the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design opened an exhibition of student work at the Aedes Architecture Gallery in Berlin, Germany. Naturally grown forms, reduced to their origins, are rhythmically reoccupied with narrow and broad strokes, with large and small dots, which are chosen to be slightly flowing or strong. Zora Star Cahusac Mann was born in 1979 in Amersham, Great Britain. Ein Beitrag von Constanze Kleiner und Stephan von Wiese. Photography holds him under its spell and he links this with painting, bringing both together in one work, and the viewer has the task of recognizing the respective origin. Vielen Dank für Dein Interesse! And can lead you to the respective museum with only one click. However, its work also provides an initial showcase for young positions like Hanna Hennenkemper, Johannes Regin and Kazuki Nakahara with solo exhibitions / fair appearances. They had a different, inexplicable presence and attraction. Each person in his photo-artistic cabinet – from the tightrope walker to the tamer to the burlesque dancer – is introduced with a scenic presentation as well as classical […], until 13.02. The unusual setting of the space encourages site-specific exploration and spatial interventions. The art and culture newspaper from and for Berlin. Founded as a producer gallery in October 2014, the gallery is developing into a hot spot that displays idiosyncratic and strong artist positions and offers accompanying events such as movie nights or performances. My studio is on the second floor of a building with a discreet entrance in the neighborhood of Santa Cecília, close to downtown São Paulo. An additional focus is architecture and architectural photography. Sherman’s new works bring these conversations squarely into the twenty-first century, when gender expression and fluidity have become mainstream subjects, casting further doubt upon the rigid constructs of twentieth-century masculinity and femininity. Maximilian Arnold. Visit the exhibition now virtually. The gallery is located in Berliner Straße in Berlin-Pankow, formerly Ystader Straße in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg (photos). by the artist Frederik Foert. My home and studio are in a wooden house built by a whaling captain for his daughter in 1833. The sister gallery is the gallery Kornfeld on the opposite side of the street. NEW BAUHAUS WOMAN There is hardly any other photograph that captures the spirit of the Bauhaus better than this mysterious photograph by Erich Consemüller from 1926. Both title and number of paintings obliquely acknowledge the conceptual affinity to cinematic story-telling that informs the new body of work. Since the exhibition “Pencilparty”( 2010 ) to mark the gallery’s 30th anniversary in its rooms in Linienstraße, Berlin-Mitte, positions of drawing have been presented consistently in the gallery at 10 Carmerstraße near Savignyplatz; the non-figurative aspect has also remained at the forefront since then. The artist, whose work is concerned with modernist, post-modern and brutalist aesthetics, has increasingly introduced organic elements into buildings in recent years – influenced by her reading of post-human theoretical debates as well as by her examination of metabolic architecture, a movement that has its origins in 1960s Japan. Opening Hours Wed – Fri 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. On the occasion of the donation by private sponsors* as a great thank you to Udo Kittelmann, Director of the Nationalgalerie, who is retiring from his post at the end of October 2020, Hamburger Bahnhof is presenting the installation “Self Portrait as clone of Jeanne D’Arc” by Bunny Rogers in a special presentation. The exhibition H2O – alles im Fluss, the SCHMALFUSS Berlin – contemporary fine arts, tells of these water phenomena and movements. Berlin’s museums, palaces and memorials all in one place. And thus also when and at what times the sound performances by Oliver Schmid will be able to be experienced there. Gallery Weekend 2021 - 30. The work of the German painter Heinrich Maria Davringhausen (1894 – 1970), whose legacy the gallery represents, forms the core of the gallery program. Since its inception, 25 years ago, KW has established itself, not only as an institution, but also as a dynamic and lively space for progressive practices within the Berlin art scene, as well as in an international context. Being located at the Kunsthof on Oranienburger Straße in Berlin-Mitte, the gallery presents works by people with disabilities right in the centre of Berlin’s art scene. We truly value its fundamental role of instigator for reflections and feelings out of the ordinary. For the first, Fieres had the handwritten texts transcribed in print by an artificial intelligence based on a neural network. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. December 2020, 2:00 – 8:00 pm Exhibition period: Saturday, 12. The gallery is committed to reducing inhibitions and creating space in which exciting and high-quality art is shown, but at the same time the visitors are invited to linger and to dialogue. Universal bodies who in turn reach out to the cosmos to assert their presence. In the exhibition and what if I don’t Frederik Foert shows new photographs, installations, collages, films and objects. Marte Eknæs’ motley ensemble of bollards draws attention to their individual make-ups. It is the first solo show of the artist with the gallery. Prologue | Marcius, let’s act as if we had normal times and would sit together now in your studio. | #2906ARTatBerlin | Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin shows from 5th November 2020 the exhibition Sans Souci with paintings by the artist Kristina Schuldt. Image caption: Tracey Snelling, Fuck 2020, In the 19th edition of ArtReview Power 100, the annual ranking of the most influential people and movements in the contemporary art world, “Black Lives Matter” takes first place in 2020. The cycle “Circesque”, which comprises more than 20 portraits, is the artist’s most elaborate series to date. With an enormous sense for materiality and a craftsmanlike knowledge of its properties, Kuehn works with wood, metal, plaster, polyester, plexiglass, aluminium and steel. Exhibitions, concerts, debates, readings, award ceremonies, film, theater and dance performances are organized here. | #2935ARTatBerlin | Michaela Helfrich Galerie shows from 12th December 2020 the group show EVERY JACK HAS HIS JILL / JEDER TOPF FINDET SEINEN DECKEL with paintings, installation and sculpture. It is the artist’s first solo exhibition at Galerie Kornfeld. A scholarship from the state of NRW brought him to the Cité des Arts in Paris in 1986. Maybe that’s […], until 06.01. But chaos is not just chaos: it always requires the point of view of the observer, but above all openness and curiosity. By now the gallery published more than 10 exhibition publications for the artists of the gallery. Erected throughout the city, the uniform short posts act as a stoppage: to limit traffic or obstruct passage. Berlin – a network of different institutions. | #2925ARTatBerlin | Galerie aKonzept and Raphael Lévy show from 25th November 2020 the solo exhibition “13” with the artist František Kyncl. Artists of the gallery: Sonja Alhäuser, Eliska Bartek, Alvar Beyer, Gama, Marina Herrmann, Udo Nöger Bettina Hilleckes has known her artists for a long time and strives for a lasting and trusting collaboration with them. Like a pulled tooth, a displaced element refers to its place of origin and utility; there is a strong whiff of its intended purpose. It is barrier-free. Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. November – Saturday, 12th December 2020     Image caption: František Kyncl, Ohne Titel, 1969, Tusche auf Papier, rückseitig signiert und datiert, 30,5 x 30, 5 cm Exhibition Frantisek Kyncl – Galerie aKonzept + Raphael Lévy | Zeitgenössische Kunst | Contemporary Art | Exhibitions Berlin Galleries | ART at Berlin, until 30.01. While doing so, protect yourself and others: Please keep your distance and wear a mouth-nose cover. Galerie ART CRU Berlin is backed by the non-profit federation PS-Art e.V. Photo: Kunsthaus Dahlem, Foto: Jürgen Pleuser, 2015. Foto: via Clemens Fahnemann –  Hanging of the art work by Imi Knoebel at Museum Bonn © ART at Berlin: Art Gallery in Berlin Galerie Fahnemann, Fasanenstraße 61 (1st floor), 10719 Berlin-Wilmersdorf, lorch+seidel contemporary was founded in 2002 by Dr. Reinhold Seidel and Hans-Martin Lorch and was located in Tucholskystraße in Berlin-Mitte until 2018 (see photos). The large-scale special exhibition in the Old National Gallery is devoted to this artistic movement that emerged in the 1880s, with Brussels as its main centre, and presents the spectrum of hitherto little known Belgian positions such as Fernand Khnopff, Léon Spilliaert, or Jean Delville as an important reference for European Symbolism. An Exhibition by state of DESIGN as part of the BERLIN DESIGN WEEK 2019 in cooperation with the Kunstgewerbemuseum of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin 11. 438 BC, […], until 23.12. Opening hours: Tue-Sat 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm All contact information can be found below in the gallery entry. Thomas Jessen, Waldlicht, 2020, Oil on Canvas, 200 x 130 cm […], until 21.01. The gallery focuses on painting, working on paper, sculpture and photography. In 1824 he bought the art piece for 2500 francs (for his collection in his art gallery at his palace). The term (introduced in 1945 by painter Jean Dubuffet as “Art Brut”) refers to art by people with psychiatric disorders or mental disabilities. A special focus is on “Concrete and Generative Photography”, contemporary positions from Germany, China, Latin America and the Czech avant-garde from the 1920s onwards.